Privacy Policy


Last Updated: 15 March 2023


We appreciate your privacy and are dedicated to preserving it at our website:, which is operated and run by our company: Midnightbandit LLC, a company with registered office location at PO Box 899 Morris Plains, NJ 07950. 


Our privacy policy/statement describes the categories of personal data and information we gather, how we could utilize it, as well as how we safeguard it. You agree to the gathering and utilization of your personal data and information as set forth in this policy by browsing, accessing and in general, using our website. 


We reserve the sole right to amend this privacy policy/statement as we seem fit. When we make any amendments and modifications to this privacy policy/statement, however, we will update the ‘Last Updated’ date above.


The Forms and Kinds of Personal Information and Data Gathered


When you use, browse and/or access our website, we might be able to gather the following kinds of personal information and data:


  • Names


  • Email addresses


  • Shipping information


  • Payment details (for example, credit/debit card numbers)


  • Payment/billing addresses


Rationales for Gathering Personal Information and Data


We gather personal information and data for the following rationales:


  • Executing orders.


  • Supplying customer service and serving our customers.


  • Sending promotional and advertising emails about your order and new products (when we have your approval).


  • Sending SMS to contact customers about their order/new products (with your authorization). 


  • Enhancing the performance of our website. 


Utilizing Personal Information and Data


As aforementioned, we utilize personal information and data to:


  • Order processing and fulfillment of our clothing products.


  • Provide assistance and customer support in case of any issues associated with your orders, among other things.


  • Sending promotional emails regarding new products as well as your order(s) (with your authorization).


  • Sending marketing SMS regarding new products as well as your order(s) (with your authorization).


  • Enhance our services, products and website.


  • Resolving technical website-related problems.


  • Giving feedback and responding to inquiries.


  • Researching and evaluating data, our website and our products.


Disclosing Personal Information and Data


Except when needed to complete orders or as mandated by the law, we do not disclose personal information and data to third parties. To complete orders, for instance, we could disclose personal data to payment processors or transportation businesses in order to deliver our products to your desired location.


Data Storage


We save personal data and information as long as it's required to process purchases and offer customer assistance. When it's no longer required, we safely delete personal data.


Security Steps


We implement appropriate precautions to guard against unapproved collection, usage, or publication of personal data and information. 


To safeguard your personal data and information while it is being transmitted via our website, SSL encryption is used. To avoid data loss, we constantly restore our website.


User Rights


With respect and relation to your personal information and data, you have the following rights:


  • The right to seek and ask for accessibility to your personal data and information.


  • The right to seek and ask for rectification of your personal data and information.


  • The right to seek and ask for your personal data and information to be erased.


  • The right to seek and ask that we limit the utilization of your personal information.


  • The right to protest the processing and utilization of your personal data and information.


Use the contact details shown below to get in touch with us if you want to make use of any of these rights.


Cookie Policy


In order to enhance website operation and enhance user experience, we employ cookies, cookies might be utilized for:


  • Recall your interests (for example, language or currency settings)


  • Investigate website use (using services like Google Analytics)


  • The provision of customized content and marketing


Via the settings of your web browser, you may control your cookie choices. Please be aware that blocking cookies can make our website less functional.


Jurisdiction-Specific Requirements


If you are residing within the European Union (EU) or California, you might have additional rights under applicable laws and regulations regarding privacy and personal information/data. 


We pledge hereby to uphold the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We abide with all EU legislation, including the GDPR, as well as other laws, rules, directives, and regulations. We pledge to use your personal information fairly, legally, accurately, sparingly, and for no longer than is required in compliance with the GDPR. 


In addition, regardless of your location or country of residence, you expressly accept the use and processing of your personal data in connection with your use, visitation, and browsing of our website.


Feel free to contact us via the information supplied below for further information.


Contact Details


If you have any issues, suggestions, questions or concerns concerning our privacy policy or the processing, gathering or handling of your personal information/data, reach out to us at the following email address: